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Who is eligible?

Aspiring single mother students, current single mother students, and single mother student graduates.

What does membership cost?

Your membership fees allow FRW to provide support and financial aid and other services to you as well as to other single mother students and graduates throughout the United States. By paying a small membership fee, you are literally supporting other single mothers even as you receive support yourself.

Choose to pay a monthly membership fee of $6.99/mo or pay an annual membership fee of $74.99/yr.

We understand that this can feel like a lot of money to you right now. Please consider reaching out to a friend or family member to see if they will sponsor your membership for a year. Their gift will support you and also help us provide services and financial aid to other single mother students as well.

What are the benefits of membership? 

  • Eligibility to apply for FRW Financial Aid to assist with payment of utilities, internet, rent, and childcare.
  • Eligibility to apply for student loan repayment assistance, FRW Resilience Awards, in the form of a payment made directly to your student loan provider.
  • Find support, encouragement, mentorship, and friends through the FRW Community Forum.
  • Direct message volunteer mentors from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and ask questions related to school, parenting, life skills, financial strategies, and more.
  • Get access to the FRW Mentorship Series with video lectures prepared by professors, life coaches, financial advisors, and other experts. 
  • Access the national FRW Resource Database to help you find financial aid and services offered by other organizations near you.
  • Receive discounts from participating businesses when you present proof of FRW membership alongside a valid student ID 

“I don’t meet many people who get my situation. They try to, but no one really gets it.

This group is a miracle, because finally there are other people I can interact with.

People who get my situation.”

– FRW Sapphire Member & Future CNA