Resource Database

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FRW is building a national online public database designed to help close the gap between the local resources available to single mothers and their most urgent needs


Why is the FRW Resource Database necessary?

There are an abundance of nonprofits, foundations, government agencies, and other organizations that provide resources that could benefit single mother students and their children. Despite this, many of these mothers continue to struggle because they are either not aware of the help available in their region or they do not know how to access that help. Google searches for local aid are often ineffective due to the small marketing budgets of many organizations that offer aid, websites that provide incomplete information or are not updated, and broken links. Searching for help requires precious time and energy that many individuals in need simply don’t have.

The resource database provides a solution by providing simple, searchable, and up to date information for single mother students to find help quickly. When single mother students have easy access to local resources, they spend less time and energy trying to meet the basic needs of their family, are more likely to stay in school, and avoid excessive debt from payday lenders or private loans.

How will the database work?
Nonprofit organizations, foundations, and government agencies who believe that their services are beneficial to single mothers will be charged a nominal annual fee to complete an organizational profile to list in our database. This fee keeps the database clean by assuring that inactive organizations and out-of-date information are excluded, as well as provides for the ongoing maintenance costs to keep the database running. Organizational profiles provide single mothers with a clear explanation of the resources and services they offer and the best method for accessing those resources. Automated email notices will be sent to participating organizations for their annual renewal.

Single mothers throughout the United States will then be able to search profiles uploaded to the database and filter the results by state, city, and type of assistance needed. This means that a single mother who searches for legal aid will only see the profiles of organizations in her state and city that offer free or income-based legal aid. Or, if she needs assistance with writing a resume or preparing for a job interview, only local organizations that offer resume and interview coaching will appear on her search.

What if I’m not a single mother student but I still want to search the FRW Resource Database for help?
GREAT! The FRW database is specifically designed to connect single mother students with local resources, but it is free and available to everyone. We are thrilled each time someone connects with the resources they need!

When will the database be finished?
Freedom for Resilient Women is currently applying for grants and actively seeking donations to bring the FRW Resource Database to life. The project requires approximately $50,000 to complete.