FRW Reading List

“Never underestimate the power of a girl with a book.”

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Dear Freedom for Resilient Women Members,

I had zero time for extra reading as a single mother student going to law school. Between attending classes, reading for classes, completing assignments, compiling/studying notes, meeting with study groups, going to work, and raising two children, I barely had enough time to breathe.

For you FRW students out there, feel free to ignore this reading list—you have enough going on!

If you are a graduate, however, and you are starting your new life as a professional, fighting insecurities, trying to build some financial savings, and wondering whether you have what it takes to make the life you envisioned a reality… this reading list is for you.

This list also for single mothers who are pondering whether returning to school is right for them and how best to take care of their families.

Finally, these books are for the people who love and support the single mother members of FRW. 

To you resilient women and your loving supporters, I hope these books fill you with knowledge that calms your fears and brings you confidence. I hope that you find strategies and ideas that will guide you and your loved ones to the educational, professional, financial, and personal success you deserve.


P.S. If you have books that you think should be added to this list, please email your recommendations to with the subject line “FRW Reading List Recommendation.”