Freedom for Resilient Women (FRW) provides financial aid and loan repayment assistance to single mother students and graduates. We also provide services that all single mothers will benefit from regardless of whether they receive financial assistance. 

The FRW Membership Program was created as a comprehensive support network to meet a
variety of ongoing needs among single mother students and recent graduates. We provide resources, mentorship, and support from the day single mothers first explore returning to school, through their years as a student, beyond graduation, until they finally achieve their dream of financial independence.

Join Freedom for Resilient Women’s Membership program.

Sapphire Membership

For Single Mothers

The Sapphire Membership is created for single mothers that are considering going back to school, current single mother students, and single mother graduates that are navigating new professions and careers.

Emerald Membership

For Family, Friends, & Allies

The Emerald Membership is FRW’s most popular membership and is available to anyone who cares about the success of single mother students and graduates.

Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, neighbors, professors, employers, co-workers, and many others provide support for Sapphire members by becoming Emerald members of FRW. Sapphire members who achieve their educational and financial goals are also encouraged to become Emerald members to support mothers who follow in their footsteps.


Diamond Membership

For Professionals & Mentors

Diamond membership is for individuals who are serious in their intent to make a difference in the lives of single mother students and graduates. It involves a larger monthly financial commitment to provide financial aid to single mothers, opportunities to provide informal mentorship, and to become a leader in innovating new ways to support single mother students and graduates.