(ABC4) – When Lisa Sledge was accepted and began attending classes at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law, she thought, “Oh my gosh, what have I done?” “Everyone around me was talking about how they’d been planning on doing this their whole lives. They’d always wanted to go to law school and their father was a lawyer and their brother is a lawyer and their sister is a lawyer. They’re so excited to be there…,” Sledge says.

Freedom For Resilient Women

SALT LAKE CITY — Lisa Sledge earned a law degree, in her telling, by the grace of God and a support network that spanned from kind professors to anonymous donors leaving cash in her mailbox.

The Mom Show with Lindsay Aerts

Being a single mom and trying to provide for your family can bring a host of challenges. Getting an education can set you on a path to a higher paying job, but there are so many barries for single to be able to actually finish their degrees.


Completing your education is a really important step that many people take every year. But sometimes there are factors that prevent you from finishing your degree. Money, mental and physical health, and family are only a few of them. This inability to finish school is present in a lot of communities, but its effect on single moms is incredibly prevalent. In fact, only 8% of single mother students complete their degrees within six years of enrolling. Now, a new non-profit organization aims to combat the discrepancies that prevent single moms from obtaining a degree. Here to tell us about her organization and their mission is Freedom for Resilient Women founder, Lisa Sledge.…