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Ask Me About Marriage

 It would be nice to have a companion to share my life and grow old with. However, I am going to scream if one more person tells me that I should get remarried instead of go to school, work, or otherwise take care of myself. I know women who have gotten remarried for...

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Show Me the Money

  I do not believe that my desire to make money makes me less of a lady than when I was content to make pennies as a teacher. But, if it does, I’m learning to be okay with that. I did not put my family through law school so that we could continue to scrounge for...

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Am I a Hero?

Sometimes people are very kind and tell me I’m a hero for getting through school as a single mom. Usually, it’s the people who didn’t see the nitty-gritty, up close, personal details of the train wreck I was throughout law school. Have you ever seen a person with...

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When I decided to go to law school as a single mom, a lot of people were excited for me and a lot of people thought I was making a huge mistake. I was told I was being irresponsible, that I was being selfish, that I should wait until the kids were older, and that I...

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I Wonder

I was 33 years old when I got divorced, my dreams shattered, life flipped upside down, and the world ended. The divorce itself was high conflict. I struggled to adjust as my children went back and forth between houses. My finances, credit score, and debt-to-income...

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Single mother students and graduates are superheroes. They are resilient in the face of many hardships and are positive role models for their children and others.

But sometimes their resilience isn’t enough. They are often unsupported, stressed out, overwhelmed, with financial hardship preventing them from realizing their full potential.

Make a donation to help FRW offer relief from hardship and enable these resilient women to achieve their goals.