Student Debt Assistance

I do not believe in rewarding bad behavior.

As a taxpayer, I am not supportive of paying the debts of college kids who changed their major six times or were too busy goofing around to show up for class, study, or get their homework done. If they took out loans and wasted that money on a trip to Hawaii, I’m not paying for it.

As a mother, I don’t reward my children for that type of behavior and, as a taxpayer, I don’t approve of rewarding someone else’s children for the same behavior.

I do believe in mercy and in rewarding effort.

Part of Freedom for Resilient Women’s program includes giving “Resilience Awards” to pay off the student debt of certain single mother graduates.

Sometimes we are victims of our own poor choices. Sometimes we are victims of the poor choices of others. Often, it’s a mix of both. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to own the situation that you are in and take personal responsibility for improving it. 

It is my belief that single mothers who persist through 1 – 4 years of intense hardship, complete school, and successfully apply their learning to their career have earned our mercy. Whatever amount of student debt they have, whatever they have suffered by their own choices or by the choices of others, I believe that they pay back in the following ways:

  • They become independent and no longer rely on the welfare system.
  • They contribute taxes on the state and national level.
  • They become positive role models for others in their communities.
  • They provide stable homes for their children which, in turn, improves the quality of our schools and neighborhoods.
  • Their children are more likely to graduate from high school, understand the value of hard work, and become productive members of society.

Freedom for Resilient Women provides loan repayment assistance to these deserving women because we believe in rewarding single mothers who step up to life’s challenges. We will not benefit from their sacrifices while simultaneously permitting them to be punished by a mountain of unforgivable debt. We will honor these resilient women, celebrate their work ethic, free them from student debt, and encourage other single mothers to follow in their footsteps.