Ask Me About Marriage

 It would be nice to have a companion to share my life and grow old with.

However, I am going to scream if one more person tells me that I should get remarried instead of go to school, work, or otherwise take care of myself.

I know women who have gotten remarried for the sake of having greater financial security. Some of
them are on their third or fourth marriages and still haven’t found it.

I’ve been in relationships even though I knew I was not emotionally or mentally healthy enough to date. I am human and I crave companionship like everyone else.

Very few of us become single mothers without experiencing trauma of some sort. My hopes for
remarriage are based on the belief that, someday, I might heal from the scars and trauma of the past and build a relationship with a man who is kind and good. My hope is that I he will take pride in my need to work and manage my finances independently. With luck, he will also understand that a prenuptial agreement is not an insult but, rather, it is a tool to protect us both against worst-case scenarios. I’ve lived through the worst-case scenario and I believe that it is the responsibility of partners in marriage to protect both themselves and the person they love from even the faintest possibility of harm.

Marriage is the legally binding partnership of two like-minded individuals
who love, support, respect, help, challenge, and lift each other to new heights.

It is not a financial plan.

Author: Lisa Sledge