Founder & CEO

Lisa Sledge graduated from Brigham Young University in 2009 with a BA in English Education. She taught junior high English and reading at Diamond Fork Junior High and Kearns Junior High and left teaching in 2012 to stay home with her two infant children.

Following separation from her husband in 2014, Lisa decided to re-enter the workforce. Due to the cost of fulltime childcare for two children, she decided not to return to teaching. On a friend’s recommendation, Lisa began a position as a legal assistant at the law firm Kirton McConkie. It was only a few months into her new job when the two attorneys Lisa worked for asked if she had considered taking the LSAT and going to law school. With their encouragement and support, Lisa took the LSAT only two weeks after the finalization of her divorce in 2015. She was admitted to the University of Utah SJ Quinney College of Law in the fall of 2016.

During law school, Lisa was the vice president of the Business Law Society, received an Outstanding Achievement Award in legal writing, and received a scholarship from the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation. She graduated in May 2019 with a certificate in environmental law.

Lisa is a member of the Utah State Bar Association and the American Bar Association. She is a contract analyst for Workday, Inc. and specializes in reviewing technology contracts for software licenses and SaaS agreements.



Vice President of Awards

Brooke Anderson graduated from Brigham Young University in 2002 with a BA in English Education. She began her teaching career at Spanish Fork Middle School in Nebo District. She taught 6th grade English/Language Arts for 6 years, then 7th and 8th grade at Diamond Fork Junior High for 7 more years.  During her time in the classroom, Brooke earned endorsements in reading and educational technology. As most teachers do, she wore many other hats: community council facilitator, coach, tutor, union rep, testing coordinator, and tech specialist.

After seeing the increasing role of data in education, Brooke left the classroom to obtain a Masters of information Systems from the University of Utah. With her data science training, Brooke returned to K12 public education as a teacher specialist for Jordan District, her position for the past 5 years. Brooke’s tenacity in pursuing cleaner data, faster reporting, and better systems for public education has marked her as a trustworthy source of information. She currently serves on the Functional Advisory Board for the Utah State Office of Education, collaborating with industry partners around a new, comprehensive state information system.

Brooke has been especially honored to be chosen as a Utah Teacher Fellow with Hope Street Group, a role where she advocates for students and educators at the state level.

Vice President of Finance

Matt Robinson has worked as finance professional his entire career. After graduating from Brigham Young University with a BS in Accounting, he gained his first experience in basic accounting and business controlling at a small company, which afforded a broad range of experience.

Two years later, Matt decided that one accounting degree was not enough and was accepted to the Master of Accounting program at Weber State University. During his first semester of the MAcc program, Matt was recruited to work for Amer Sports, a large multi national conglomerate of exciting sporting goods brand like Wilson, Solomon, Arc’teryx and Precor, where he continues today.

For nearly a decade, Matt has managed the financial well-being of 7 different Amer Sports business units. As the head of finance for Precor Americas, Matt manages approximately $300M in sales in OPEX annually.

In addition to this full-time work, Matt often consults on smaller projects as well, including helping his wife run a small business and providing financial support for business acquistions.

Corporate Secretary

Adrienne Ence graduated from Brigham University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science in Family Science. She worked in the mortgage industry for a short time and then chose to spend serveral years away from the workforce to stay home with her four children. After going through a divorce and being left to raise her children on her own with little to no financial support, she knew she had to do something to provide for her children. Upon advice from and with the guidance support of her former divorce attorney, she decided to take the LSAT and apply to law school. Adrienne attended the S.J Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah and graduated cum laude in 2019. Adrienne now works as an attorney practicing primarily in family law.

During law school, Adrienne enjoyed participating on the school’s Negotiation Competition Team and co-directing the Family Law Pro Bono Clinic. She earned awards in her Legal Professions, Mediation and Advanced Negotiation, Family Law, and Lawyering Skills classes. She is active in the Family Law and the J. Reuben Clark Law Society and volunteered at Utah’s Third District Court’s pro se calendar for family law without legal representation.

Although Adrienne had the support of her family during her years in law school, she knows that many are not so fortunate. That is why she believes so strongly in the aims and goals of Freedom for Resilient Women. Her hope is to “repay” the assistance and support given to her by helping other single mother students who are in need.