About Us

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Our Mission

Freedom for Resilient Women (FRW) is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit that works to increase the graduation rate of single mother students and help single mother student graduates achieve financial independence.

Why We Exist: In the United States, nearly 1.7 million undergraduates are single mother students. Only eight percent (8%) of these women are able to complete their education within six (6) years of enrollment. Single mother students who attempt to increase their earning power by going to school must overcome barriers of tuition, housing, childcare, and other living expenses associated with providing for their children. Many struggle with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and panic disorders. Due to these pervasive issues, most single mother students are forced to delay their education or drop out. Those single mothers who do graduate are often rewarded with higher-than-average student debt that threatens to keep them in poverty indefinitely.

Freedom for Resilient Women recognizes that many single mother students and graduates lack a safety net of family, friends, or community who can help them overcome barriers to success. Our mission is to increase the graduation rate of single mother students and to help single mother student graduates achieve financial independence. We recognize, honor, and reward the strength of single mothers who strive to care for families and become contributing members of their communities through education and self improvement.

FRW invites everyone to promote the long-term financial well-being of single mothers.

What We Offer: Freedom for Resilient Women is creating a robust national community where single mothers connect with the tools and network they need to be successful. We provide support for single mother students from the time they they first explore the possibility of continuing their education, throughout their years of schooling, after their graduation, and onward to financial independence.

We also offer financial aid for current single mother students. Single mother students who are also FRW members may apply to receive assistance with the cost of rent, childcare, utilities and internet services. This financial aid is primarily funded by FRW membership fees.

Student loan repayment assistance, or “Resilience Awards,” are also provided in the form of payments made directly to loan servicers on behalf of single mothers. These FRW Resilience Awards are periodically given to FRW single mothers who 1) complete their education, 2) have outstanding debt, 3) are currently employed in a job related to their education, and 4) demonstrate exemplary citizenship in their communities.

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